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javascript inside aspx files

Post by rogerr » Fri Aug 15, 2008 3:40 am

So, I'm using spket and I'm liking it alot.
Problem is, there are some bits of javascript code that have to live in .aspx files, rather than in .js files.

I can tell tiny-eclipse to open these files with the spket javascript editor, and it does. It reports lots of syntax errors for code outside of the (javascript) <script> blocks, and I can mostly ignore those.

It even knows about intellisense that I add via the javascript profile (in my case, ExtJS stuff), which is pretty cool.

But, for my local code, I include a tag like

//@include "manifest.js"

at the beginning of the file to get intellisense for all the files included in the specified manifest. The thing is, since this is an aspx file, I need to
use some different kind of comment to include the manifst.
Something like

<%--//@include "manifest.js" --%>

And here is where spket doesn't cope. It only seems to recognize the manifest file include if the it is the first non-whitespace thing in the file.

It would be way cool if spket just ignored everything outside of the client side script blocks, and would recognize //@include anyplace inside a client side script block.

Thanks for listening.

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