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Word wrap, bgcolor for folding column, color for whitespace

Posted: Fri Oct 29, 2010 7:16 am
by darklow
  • Word wrap,
  • Background color for folding column ( i use black background, so it is very ugly and high contrasty to leave folding column white)
  • Ability change color for white-space characters
  • Auto assist while typing first 1-3 characters (could be useful for ExtJS). Right now assist works only after . or ctrl+space
  • Adding custom buttons to top toolbar
  • By some reason Javascript formatter doesn't remove all trailing commas (Formatter > Braces > Remove unnecessary trailing coma)

    Code: Select all

    	{ header: 'IMC', dataIndex: 'aaaa', align: 'right'	},
    after formating it leaves:
    [ {
      header: 'IMC',
      dataIndex: 'aaaa',
      align: 'right'
Otherwise great editor, however these small things ar quite annoying (especially word wrap) :/