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Minor Bug in code-assist popup documentation window

Posted: Mon Oct 27, 2008 6:47 pm
by thesilentman
I found this concerning ExtJS, but if it's a generic function it might affect all supported libs.

The text in the documentation popup of a method, config option, etc.... is not formatted well if the doc contains multiple lines.
The result is that the last word of the line and the first word of the next line are merged (no space).


In the Editor copy this:


var a = new Ext.Window({


position the cursor on auto and press control-space to get the config options.
'autodestroy' is the first one. Look at the doc popup in the secondline where it says:

'that is removed from it, elsedestruction must be'

Now take a look at the Container.js where this is defined and you see theese lines:

/** @cfg {Boolean} autoDestroy
* If true the container will automatically destroy any contained component that is removed from it, else
* destruction must be handled manually (defaults to true).

There is a line break between 'else' and 'destruction'. This is not been taken into account during formating of the popup. I guess there should be a 'space' inserted when there are two words seperated by a linebreak without a space.